We are a child development organization helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in poverty-stricken areas of the world. By connecting one sponsor to one child, our ministry programs ensure children receive food, education, medical aid, and hope in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We exist to bring hope, truth, life, love, and mercy to children living in poverty around the world.

Changing Lives for Over 50 Years

Our Vision

One Child Matters equips children living in poverty to reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for transformational development: spirit, mind, and body. One Child Matters accomplishes this by working with churches toward the sustained well-being of children at risk.

Serving 40,000 Children in 15 Countries

How We Work

One Child Matters believes that a holistic approach – ministering to all of a child’s needs, not just a select few – is the most effective method of promoting child development. This is why we carefully and thoughtfully minister to each child’s spiritual, physical, socio-emotional, and mental needs.

Where We Work

We serve 40,000 children in 15 poverty-stricken countries around the world. These children face many obstacles to achieving their God-given potential. We’ve developed two program models to meet the unique needs of these children and best encourage their growth. More than half of our programs are Child Development Centers connected with local churches the other half are Partner-Based Schools. These schools are highly valued by families and communities for the quality education they offer.


The church is the vehicle God uses to change the world, and we want to use our global network to connect your church with a child development project serving children who face extreme poverty in countries all over the world. We believe each person in your congregation can change a child’s life, and that child can go on to be a change agent in their family, church, community, and world.


Changing the World, One Child at a Time

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